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Brain Chamber Research Team is Working to Cultivate and develop Geranium project in India on long term investment process.

Geranium Project Development

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Geranium Flower

Best Quality Flowers

We have best quality geranium flowers which is exported as per requirement for extraction of oil or itself in oil format.

Geranium Flower


We have our own cultivated geranium plants farm, also we encourage farmer by showing the benefits of geranium plants.

Geranium Flower


Geranium flowers are converted into oil form by extraction for perfume making. Our extracted oil has demand in global market.

Geranium Flowers Greenhouse

Geranium Plantation

Geranium commonly known as cranesbills it includes more than 400 species of flowering annual, biennial and perennial plants. Plant found in high temperature area mountains of the tropics. Geranium is an important aromatic plant use for extraction of oil which has high price for it rose like odour. Pure geranium oil is an itself a perfume. Plantation of geranium is easy it can be cultivated in any type of plant but water logging should kill it, so it required well drained soil for plantation. Geranium is best bedding and green house plant.

Geranium botanical name is pelargonium graveolens, it includes around 422 species in their family. Another name of geranium is 'cranesbills' it is due to their long and beak shaped fruits. Flower are broadly circular form with palmately divided leaves. There are 5 petals in pink, rose to blue and white flowers.

An oil is extracted from geranium plant contain diuretic and antispasmodic properties. Geranium oil is an perfume itself. The floral odor and minty aromatic oil gives soothing and comfortable effect. Color of oil appears as pale yellow or olive green.

About Us

Barin Chamber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has enter in plantation of geranium flowers. We are engaged from plantation to extraction of oil from flower. An extracted oil is itself an perfume which has high demand in global market for perfume industries. Geranium also provide various health benefits it shows it is an all rounder plant. We work as exporter of oil of geranium from India and provides an quality oil for perfume industries as per there requirements. We encourage farmers for cultivation of geranium on large scale in India.

Geranium Benefits

Stress Reliever

Geranium is powerful for stress relief it shows direct impact on nervous system. Regular use of oil keep your nervous system in proper way and make you stress release.


Another common benefit of geranium is it relieve inflammation throughout our body. If you are suffering from aching muscles, sore joints an oil can quickly relieve you from this discomfort.


Varieties of Geranium Plantation

The Team is Working Under Distance Agriculture System